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Boost your equipment reliability and productivity

Enhance productivity, reliability, and profitability by leveraging AI to manage the entire life cycle of your mobile assets, from sourcing and operations to maintenance and replacement.


Our mission is to support container terminals and logistics operators in their efforts to boost productivity, maintain a superb level of service, and reduce operational costs.

Our solution utilizes AI and proprietary algorithms to consistently monitor and diagnose your equipment, alert maintenance and operations teams about asset degradation, efficiently dispatch your fleet, and replace assets at the right time to optimize the total cost of ownership.


Turning asset data into actionable operational insights

Replace assets

Continuous optimization of your asset life-cycle using unique maintenance, operational and financial data.

  • Simplify complex capital investment process & decisions related with asset replacement and repair.

  • Run multiple scenarios in a matter of minutes.

  • Produce comprehensive management reports instantly.


Detect abnormal asset behaviors

Henry, our AI reliability agent continuously monitors your asset base to provide active alert notifications about specific asset technical and maintenance cost degradation, safety and reliability status change, unexpected downtime, and specific system failures. 

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Dispatch the next best asset

Our proprietary algorithms predict asset likelihood for failure, cost of maintenance, technician staffing, and availability of all assets from the same asset group (e.g. reach-stacker).

Selecting the next best available asset is done automatically and pushed to the field daily / weekly. 

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